The wisdom of your body's self-healing


The Gerson Therapy® is a scientifically evolved natural protocol which utilizes the body’s own healing mechanism in the treatment and alleviation of chronic degenerative diseases. Most therapies, both conventional and alternative, tend to treat only symptoms, while ignoring the underlying cause of the disease. The Gerson Therapy®, by contrast, concentrates on the true cause of the disease, although it certainly takes symptoms into account as well. Its aim is to rebuild the body’s debilitated immune system, thus enabling the organism’s self-healing power to restore health.



As an information centre, the GSG supplies all the important books and DVDs on the Gerson Therapy® . It also distributes its own publications compiled by former patients, which address practical issues for people starting out on the Therapy. Also available are back copies of Coffee’n’Carrots, the GSG’s newsletter, containing articles and personal stories related to the Gerson programme. Click here for details.

Training Days

Designed and presented by Gerson therapists and experienced members of our Support Group, the Training Day gives an all-round insight into the theory and practice of this health-restoring therapy and its lifestyle.If you would like to know more about embarking on the Gerson Therapy®  at home, we recommend you attend one of our Training Days, held approximately every six weeks, normally on a Sunday. See next Training Days.


Many questions about the therapy are answered in Healing the Gerson Way (see Publications List 2013) and it is recommended that you read this book before calling the helpline. 

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