Gerson Health Centre, Hungary

Europe’s first and only accredited Gerson Health Centre, fully supported by the Gerson Institute of San Diego, opened its doors in Hungary in March 2009.

Running 2-week long residential courses every month (except in August and December), the small Centre has so far been visited by over 260 individuals from 46 countries. Located on a mountain top in an unspoilt woodland setting some 30 km from Budapest, the Centre has eight bright, pleasantly furnished single and double rooms, each with its own bathroom. The delightful dining room doubles as lecture hall, and there is a big gym for yoga, other exercises and general meetings. Altogether the atmosphere is that of a pleasant large family house, surrounded by greenery.

All food is vegetarian, strictly organic, expertly prepared according to Gerson rules, and the freshly made juices appear with the regularity of clockwork.

The Centre is run by Dr Melania Nagy, a highly experienced accredited Gerson Therapist, supported by medical doctors and nursing sisters, familiar with the Gerson protocol. The Centre’s aim is to offer the authentic Gerson experience to patients seeking to recover from malignant or non-malignant chronic degenerative diseases, or who wish to improve or safeguard their health by a drastic change of lifestyle, mainly along nutritional lines. The theory and practice of the Gerson protocol is fully explained and demonstrated. The official language is English, but some members of staff also speak German and Romanian.


The dates of future intakes in 2018 are as follows: 

  • 20 Jan - 2 Feb
  • 26 Feb - 11 March
  • 9 April - 22 April
  • 5 May - 18 May
  • 9 June - 22 June
  • 14 July - 27 July  

The inclusive cost for two weeks for one patient is EUROS 6,300, and for a companion-helper EUROS 600.

For further details please contact the Gerson Health Centre, Hungary

Telephone: 0036-30-6426-341. 





Health Institute of Tijuana, Mexico

Functioning since May 2002, Clinica Nutricion Y Vida  is an in-patient facility in Tijuana, Mexico. It can only accommodate ten patients and their companions at a time, allowing each guest to benefit from the highest level of individual care. A well trained and experienced team of licensed medical doctors and registered nurses is available 24/7, and the centre is run according to the latest research on natural healing along Gerson lines, supervised by physicians Dr Luz Maria Bravo and Dr Alicia Melendez.


With over 60 years of experience between them, they are undisputed leaders in their field.
For further details please contact The Gerson Institute, P.O.Box 161358, San Diego, CA 92176.

Telephone 001 619 685 5353.