These publications can be purchased either from the Gerson Institute/USA, Amazon or when attending the Training Day. 

Healing the Gerson Way

Healing The Gerson Way is a comprehensive and thorough book outlining most of the information a patient requires to utilize the Gerson Therapy. Additionally, it explains the theory of how the therapy works to heal many chronic degenerative illnesses. If a patient chooses to begin the therapy at home, this is the primary reference guide and helpful map to start their healing journey.

Written by Charlotte Gerson, founder of the Gerson Institute and daughter of Max Gerson, MD, and Beata Bishop, a recovered Gerson Melanoma patient, this is a complete guide to the theory and practice of the Gerson Therapy developed over 80 years ago by Dr. Max Gerson, MD (1881-1959). It shows that an increasingly denatured, nutritionally empty, toxic modern diet is the main cause of today’s worsening health crisis. The book offers the solution in the form of a brilliant, precision-built nutritional program that eliminates the underlying causes of disease, leading to lasting cures. 

This book will show you:
• How to strengthen your immune system and vastly improve your cardiovascular health;

• How to detoxify your liver (note: this is the missing link to recovery and perfect health);

• How to prepare delicious, super-healthy, Gerson-approved recipes (over 70 pages of recipes are included in this book). 

• How to manage healing reactions a patient may experience while detoxifying;

• How to juice for obtaining the maximum benefit from organic fruits and vegetables;

• How to heal from cancer and other chronic diseases using nutrition;

• And much, much more.

A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 cases

A Cancer Therapy explains the Gerson method in detail and recounts the case histories of fifty patients cured by  Dr. Gerson. For those who are interested in learning in greater detail  how the therapy works. 

This is the most complete book on the Gerson Therapy, originally published in 1958 and based upon 30 years of clinical experimentation. Dr. Gerson (1881-1959), who developed the Gerson Therapy, explains how the treatment reactivates the body's healing mechanisms in chronic degenerative diseases.
The book incorporates extensive explanation of the theory with scientific research and the exact practice of the therapy, as well as a presentation of fifty documented case histories. Also included is a modified version of the Gerson Therapy for use with non-malignant diseases or preventative purposes

Author: Max Gerson, M.D.
Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: The Gerson Institute; 6th edition
Language: English
Best for Medical Professionals

A Time to Heal

Beata Bishop, a former BBC journalist, was devastated when a mole on her leg was diagnosed as malignant melanoma, one of the fastest-spreading types of cancer. She underwent painful, disfiguring surgery and was told her problems were over. Within a year the cancer had spread into her lymphatic system. In this book, Beata tells the remarkable story of her healing on the Gerson Therapy, on which she embarked in 1981. 

Refusing more extensive surgery, Beata chose instead to follow the Gerson Therapy, a treatment developed by an eminent German physician, the late Dr. Max Gerson. His therapy, based on optimum nutrition and thorough detoxification, appealed to her because it aims to restore the damaged immune system in order to break down and flush out the malignancy. Beata spent two months at a clinic in Mexico learning the theory and practice of the Gerson Therapy before returning home to London where she followed the intensive regimen for two years.    
It was hard work but today, nearly forty years later, she is fit and well, enjoying life to the fullest. A Time To Heal is a personal record of courage and determination, and a testament to the efficacy of the Gerson Therapy for treating chronic diseases.

Translated into Portuguese “Curando o Incuravel”,;  French “Guérir l'incurable”,; German “Heilung gegen alle Regeln”,; Hungarian “Ideje a gyógyításnakegeszsegforras.alapitvany@gmail.comItalian Tempo di Guarire”,



Dietary Healing, the complete detox program 

Kathryn  Alexander, a leading naturopath living in Australia,  presents the truly thrilling concepts of healing through detoxification – one of the most powerful means to recover one’s health. The information in this publication is the best to date; it covers how and why the diet works, how to make sense of your case, how to apply the program to your individual case, how to work with the laws of healing, how to bring the body to a state of natural healing and how to manage healing reactions. 

Dietary Healing covers a range of health issues, including fertility and hormonal imbalances, arthritis, osteoporosis, autoimmune disorders, allergies, chronic fatigue, insulin resistance and diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression and ADHD, explains their underlying causes and shows you how you can tailor your own detoxification program to remove the toxic burden, restore vitality and allow the healing to begin.

All you need to know to embark on a detox program
Practical ways to self-manage your healing
Understand your condition like a professional
Scientific and evidence-based
Nutritionally balanced recipes and menu plans

Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless

Howard Straus, the grandson of Dr. Max Gerson , chronicles Dr. Gerson’s life and the development of his renowned  dietary therapy, and describes the struggles this visionary medical pioneer faced as he challenged orthodox medicine with his nutritional protocol. 

This inspiring and uplifting biography follows Dr. Gerson’s flight from Nazi persecution in his native Germany, and the persecution he suffered  in the United States from the medical establishment. Despite great difficulties he continued his work  right until his suspicious death at the age of 76. The book takes us into the present, where thanks to the initiative of Dr Gerson’s daughter Charlotte  the Gerson Institute maintains and carries on with Dr Gerson’s great work.

The Smart Patient Road Map

Kathryn Alexander is a top naturopath, living in Australia.  Most patients want to get better, improve their health and become less drug-dependent. The core problem they face is how to make informed decisions on the best way forward, how to acquire sufficient and meaningful information to make those decisions and how to determine, from the information available, what has value and whether it will work. The Smart Patient Journey Road Map is an easy to use framework, and even if you have little or no medical knowledge, it will help you rapidly filter through your options and make decisions on treatment that will take you to where you want to go faster and more effectively.

The Road Map draws from Kathryn’s 30 years of clinical experience helping patients achieve the best health outcome.  Many of her patients choose an integrative approach and have found that the Smart Patient Journey Road Map not only brings the clarity they need to make confident decisions, but also helps foster good working partnerships with their group of chosen health professionals.
The Smart Patient Journey Road Map will show you how to:
Filter through your treatment options and choose those that will increase your odds of getting you to where you want to be
Choose your own criteria for where you wish to get to and how you wish to get there
Match the claims of others and their treatments against where you want to go, choosing those that will take you the furthest
Navigate the health system to make sure you stay on track
Collaborate with health professionals, asking key questions orientated around your goals
Monitor your progress and measure improvements that align with your destination end point.

Cancer and After

By Beata Bishop. This little book is addressed to those non-Gerson  cancer patients who are discharged from hospital at the completion of their treatment and return home to the same lifestyle and environment in which they became ill.

They are not given any advice on how to introduce the many changes that are indispensable if they are to be lastingly fit and well; all they are required to do is turn up for periodic checkups. That, however, in itself yields no protection from a recurrence. Only a carefully structured program, designed to strengthen and renew body and soul, is able to ensure complete healing and lasting good health. As, at present, conventional oncology shows no interest in the subject, this little book attempts to provide the necessary information.

Living Proof: A Medical Mutiny

Michael Gearin-Tosh discovered that he had bone marrow cancer when he was 54. This is the story of his quest to manage and overcome his illness and his determination not to be coerced by specialists, the NHS and even colleagues into joining programmes of invasive treatments.

The author selected a number of regimes and devised his own rigorous daily round of juices, vegetables and coffee enemas. Six years on, his extraordinary survival would be classified as a "scientific miracle". But this is not a "how-to" book, rather an account of one man's quest to listen to his own inner voice of intuition in a world so heavily reliant on the certainty that it is the doctors that know best.

5-yr Melanoma Study (article)

This 5-year retrospective study was done on melanoma patients who applied the Gerson Therapy in 1995. It  recounts the results patients had after receiving treatment and compares them with the outcomes of patients who underwent chemotherapy. The comparison provides valuable information for patients considering either treatment for Melanoma or other cancers.

Factual case histories of individuals confronted with life-threatening diseases who overcame them using the Gerson Therapy

• Healing Melanoma the Gerson Way
• Healing Ovarian cancer the Gerson Way
• Healing Breast Cancer the Gerson Way
• Healing Lymphoma the Gerson Way
• Healing Brain and Kidney cancer the Gerson Way
• Healing Colon, Live, and Pancreatic cancer the Gerson Way
• Healing Prostate and Testicular Cancer the Gerson Way
• Healing Lung and respiratory disease the Gerson Way
• Healing Auto-immune Disease the Gerson Way

These booklets lay no claim to being a scientific document. They present factual case histories for specific types of diseases as well as information about the Gerson Therapy. Here is an excerpt from the preface:

“Hence the present series of booklets contains no statistics. What they offer instead is a number of authentic case histories, chosen from a large amount of clinical material. They tell the full, factual human stories of individuals confronted with life-threatening disease and overcoming it on an unorthodox therapy. Their stories may be dismissed by the strictly scientifically-minded as anecdotal evidence, but unless the lessons of such individual experiences are properly evaluated, there can be no hope of true progress in modern medicine’s fight against today’s killer diseases. Yet progress is badly needed, since some other sets of statistics, those of cancer mortality and of the rising tide of new cases, show no sign of improvement. It is time for conventional medicine to search for new paths of healing, and that is what the Gerson Therapy has to offer." 

The Beautiful Truth - DVD

Garrett is a 15-year old boy living in the Alaskan wilderness with a menagerie of orphaned animals. Growing up close to nature has given him a deep understanding of nutritional needs required by diet sensitive animals on the reserve. Unfortunately, the untimely and tragic death of his mother propelled him into a downward spiral and he risked flunking out of school. This led to his father’s decision to home-school Garrett.

His first assignment was to study a controversial book written by Dr. Max Gerson.

Written over 50 years ago, Dr. Gerson found that diet could, and did, cure cancer. Controversial at the time (and even today),
Garrett took on the challenge of researching this amazing therapy, which drew the interest of his neighbours in the small Alaskan community.
With the help of Dr. Gersons daughter, Charlotte Gerson, and grandson, Howard Straus, they gave him the ammunition needed to go in search
of the truth, a truth that would affect not only him, but his entire Alaskan village, all of whom wanted to know if these claims were true.
After a number of cancer patients, who were diagnosed as terminal, shared their stories and their medical records with Garrett, it became
abundantly clear that, contrary to the disinformation campaign spear-headed by the multi-billion dollar medical and pharmaceutical industry, a cure for virtually all cancers and chronic diseases does exist and has existed for over 80 years!

Garrett’s mission now is to tell the world!

The Little Enema book

Revised edition. This little book tells you all you need to know about the science and practice of using coffee enemas.   
Soon available as an e-book.

Simply Gerson – recipes book

This booklet was written for those embarking on the Gerson Therapy, with recipes to suit people at every stage of the therapy. 
Soon available as an e-book.

Healing at Home - DVD

This is a step by step guide to putting the Gerson therapy into practice at home. Recorded in the UK by experienced recovered Gerson patients.