The Gerson Therapy® was originally developed by Dr. Max Gerson in the late 1920’s as a treatment for tuberculosis.  He further developed it during 30 years of clinical practice and it has now been used for treating cancer as well as other chronic degenerative diseases. 


The Gerson Therapy® aims to restore the sick body to health, providing for all its metabolic requirements by flooding it with optimum nutrition from almost twenty pounds of organically grown fruits and vegetables a day. Most of the produce is turned into 13 freshly made raw juices, drunk every hour on the hour. Three generous meals of raw and cooked solid foods complete the daily intake, a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and live enzymes, all of them precious health-builders missing from the non-organic modern diet. 
The protocol (temporarily) excludes animal protein, most fats, salt, refined carbohydrates and other nutritionally useless foods. 

Optimum nutrition is one pillar of the Gerson Therapy®. Detoxification is the other. In our polluted world the human body is constantly bombarded by toxins of all kinds, until the overloaded immune system is no longer able to dispose of them. This, in turn, opens the door to degenerative diseases of all kinds. This is why the Gerson Therapy® uses intensive detoxification methods, to eliminate toxins and wastes, allow the liver to regenerate itself and re-build the immune system and the body’s other defences.

To achieve this, the intensive therapy for treating malignant disease includes a strict regime of up to five coffee enemas a day, and a castor oil treatment every other day. The caffeine in the coffee enemas is absorbed by the liver, stimulating it to produce more bile which, in turn, helps the excretion of toxins and waste materials which the liver filters from the blood. Castor oil, taken by mouth, travels through the entire gastro-intestinal tract, taking with it the accumulated toxins and emptying them out the natural way. The cleansing effect is reinforced on the same day by a castor oil enema.

While the Gerson Therapy® is best known as a treatment for cancer, in a less intensive form it is also successfully used to cure non-malignant chronic degenerative diseases, e.g. adult onset diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart and circulatory problems, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, ADHD and others. Despite the wide variety of these conditions, often called the diseases of modern civilization, they all respond to the restorative power of hyper-nutrition and detoxification.

However, it must be emphasized that the Gerson Therapy® is not a miracle cure and, like all other types of medicine, offers no guarantee of healing;  moreover, that it can only succeed if its demanding rules are strictly followed in their entirety.


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