A good organic food supplier

The therapy requires large amounts of fresh organic produce.  The Soil Association is a good place to find out more about what constitutes organic produce and places where you can start looking for local suppliers. Riverford Organic Farmers has an excellent home delivery service throughout much of the U.K. Another option is to look for your local organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms, but please ensure that your local CSA farmer is organic before purchasing.

Note: Supermarkets now have a good organic range.  However, we do not recommend that you use them the whole year around, but only from June to October.


See 'Contact us' page for details of suppliers.

The following equipment is essential to the therapy. 


The juices must be prepared using a special machine which grinds the fruit and vegetables into a pulp, which is then pressed in a hydraulic press.  This method releases the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals, as well as safeguarding the essential enzymes.  Juices need to be drunk immediately, as the enzymes begin to deteriorate rapidly within 20 minutes, and may lose 60% of their nutritional power within half an hour. 

As the therapy requires a lot of juicing, you will need a juicer that is quite robust.  Most of the juicers on sale are centrifugal (where the fruit/veg is grated into a wire basket which spins so the juice is thrown out, leaving the pulp and fibre behind).  These types of juicer are not suitable for the Gerson Therapy® primarily because they do not preserve the maximum nutrient value of the juice, and are not strong enough to make 13x8oz juices each day.  You will need a masticating juicer and we recommend a Norwalk which is a combined juicer and press, or a Champion Juicer together with a press. The juice press is available from the following website: http://www.thejuicepress.co.uk/.  For the juicers, it is best you search for what is available on the internet.


Water Distiller or Reverse Osmosis Water Filter 

All water used for cooking, herb teas, brushing teeth and enemas must be either distilled or filtered by reverse osmosis equipment. There is no brand of water-distiller that we particularly recommend, but see ‘contact us’ for our recommended supplier of reverse osmosis systems.


Note: Second hand equipment (juicers and distillers) are sometimes available. Please contact Chloe on the helpline helpline@gersonsupportgroup.org.uk for more information.

Kits and supplements 

Enema kits, digestive enzymes, supplements and vitamins will be required. The main European supplier is based in the U.K.  www.healingnaturally.co.uk.